Thursday, July 12, 2012

His & Hers Wall Art

This is a tutorial for the His and Hers wall art I made with the help of Graphics Fairy. This blog is amazing and features a bunch of FREE vintage images.

I had two old wall plaques that I purchased a long time ago at target that I wanted to reuse. I just soaked them in warm soapy water to scrape the old image off since it was just a sticker it was very easy to remove.

Here is a picture of one of the plaques before....

Here are the images I downloaded
Click To Download Image

Click To Download Image

Open each image on Photoshop and add text to the image.
Before printing make sure you know what size image you want to print.
I used a laser printer and card stock white paper.
I cut each paper to fit the size of the plaque using an Xacto knife.

I used the gloss Mod Podge but you can also use matte.
It works the same but without the gloss finish.

Add Mod Podge Gloss with a 1" inch foam brush all over the plaque.

Carefully place your image directly onto the plaque and with  a credit card
to smooth out the surface to get rid of any air bubbles.
Now you can go ahead and add another layer of Modge Podge to the top
of the image and around the plaque to give it an even look.

These are the new wall plaques for my bedroom...I'm so happy with them! : )

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  1. Your art is beautiful! I love The Graphics Fairy blog.


  2. Love your art... and the graphics fairy images. :)

    I read a great tip the other day about mod podge. (I get wrinkles) Apply mod podge to the back of your image and let it dry before adhering it to your surface... it helps with wrinkles. I'll have to try that next time.
    have a great weekend Emily!

    1. Thanks for the tip Gail... I will definitely be trying that next time I have two other wall plaques to experiment with. : )

  3. This is so fun, thank you so much for sharing. I am sharing at my party later today. Starts at 5 EST. Thanks!! -K

    1. Sounds good to me. =D Thanks for having me!!!