Thursday, July 19, 2012

$10 Mirror Makeover

Hey Hey Hey....(Fat Albert Voice) lol
I just wanted to share with you the mirror I updated this week. I spotted this
heavy beast at a yard sale for ONLY $10!!! YES please! haha
I was so excited because this is going in MY room for me to look at
myself...hehe no really guys I'm serious. =D

Here is the mirror all beat up and dirty right before it's makeover.
I did take it apart to make painting easier and gave it a good
cleaning. It was so nasty...ewww!

Here she is with 2 coats of primer, 2 coats of ultra white 
paint and 1 coat of polycrylic.

I put the mirror back together and hung it up in my bedroom.
I am really loving the white.

Thanks for stopping by friends! I will be showing you in another post
what the rest of my plans are for this mirror. : )

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  1. You did such a good job. I have 1 mirror to redo, but I've been slacking on my projects!

    1. Thanks Adrienne,
      You should do it.... Its an easy projects.
      If you use spray paint it would be even faster! : )

  2. Hey Emily
    Thanks for posting this. I actually found a mirror so all I have to do is buy the materials , I want an antique look and I want to set it up in my den, any suggestions in how I can make it look old but in a nice antiquish kind of way?

    1. Your welcome Araceli,
      Thanks for visiting my page! The best way to get that antique look is to sand your mirror lightly to make it look distressed and use a dark glaze to bring out any details of the mirror.
      I will post some more info on what materials and tools I use soon. Hope that helps.
      Feel free to email me with any more questions.:)

  3. great job on the mirror makeover. I've seen lots of these recently. I got one for $3, passed on a couple for $8 each, and about fainted when I saw one for $30!!!