Saturday, May 19, 2012

Bye Bye Marilyn Monroe. Hello Chalkboard!

Since I had the bright idea to share my office/craft room with the hubster I now have to compromise and get rid of some of the girly stuff  I have hanging on the walls. So the first thing that went was my Marilyn Monroe framed art. Wahhhh....I love her!!! I didn't want to throw it away so I decided to make it into a chalkboard and put it in the entryway to my kitchen area.

This is what she looked like before....I opened the back of it and took the board out and since Marilyn was just a sticker I flipped it around to use the empty side.

I went ahead and purchased the Krylon spray paint because again I'm too lazy to paint. Let me tell you this is the best stuff  EVER!!! It worked so good cant wait to try it on other things...I didn't even used half of the bottle on this project. I purchased it at Walmart for about $3 and some change.
I gave the board a light sanding and then wiped it clean. Then sprayed it 3 coats of the krylon chalkboard spray paint and let it dry overnight.

The next day I rubbed the chalkboard with a chalk to prepare the surface. Right after I cleaned it up and put it back in the frame.
This chalkboard is finished and in its place on the kitchen wall. I will use to display the menu for the day and perhaps a to do list or shopping list. Whatever it is...I'm just glad I'll have this handy. : )

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  1. Love a good chalkboard project! I've never used the chalkboard spray paint.


  2. I haven't used the paint before, but I'm try to find a project for it! I love the Marilyn picture!