Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Spray Painted Napkin Rings

Hey Everyone!
Here is another quick and easy project that I completed yesterday night. I had purchased some napkin rings at Pier 1 Imports a while back because I loved the design and they were on sale. : ) However, these puppies needed a color change... black is not always the business. : D The only napkins I own are black so they didn't go well with my napkins rings. I decided to go with spray painting the napkin rings instead of painting because it is very easy to do and any project can be completed the same day. If I didn't use spray paint for most of my projects it would take foreverrrr to complete : / and I wouldn't want that. lol

Tips for spray painting:
1. make sure you set your project up in a well ventilated area like outside
2. put something underneath your projects like a piece of cardboard or wood to protect the surface
3. READ the instructions on the spray paint bottle for the best results

I took all 6 black napkin rings shown here

I spray painted them with a couple coats of white semi-gloss Krylon brand spray paint

Here are the end results of my napkins rings...Dont they look new?!?

I hope you enjoyed reading about this project and try this yourself....or feel free to share this with someone.
I do have a few other napkin ring projects in the making and will be sharing those with you soon. : )

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  1. isn't spray paint wonderful!!! easy and quick!
    nice job on your napkin rings Emily!