Friday, April 13, 2012

Home Sweet Home

I found this super cute and FREE printable design on The Sprik Space Blog. Check out this blog they have lots of cool freebies you can download and print. I'm so glad I found this blog.....and will definitely be using more of their printable designs to put in a bunch of empty frames I own. 

When you go to download this image it saves as a 5x7 size. I used Photoshop to enlarge the image to fit my 8.5x11 picture paper. Before I printed I made sure it was on landscape mode and on border less print.
You can skip all of the above if you go with a 5x7 print size instead. : )

Sprik Space Image

Here it is...proudly displayed in a picture frame that I already owned.

Now, lets see how long it takes the hubby to noticed I changed the picture out...haha

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