Thursday, April 5, 2012

DIY Chevron Canvas Wall Art

I just love love love this pattern!!!
I've seen this pattern a lot on furniture, bedding, clothing, artwork, and more. I wanted to give one of my walls a face lift so I decided to go with canvas wall art in my favorite colors black & white. I've seen many blogs give tutorials on how to do this but using a printed stencil, ruler and pins. However, I am not very patient so I decided to freehand it and try and do it my way (the lazy way?) haha

First step is to prep your canvas by painting the entire canvas a single color of your choice (mine was white with pearl mixed together) and wait for it to dry. This shouldn't take too long. After your canvas is all dry start cutting out strips of tape to use for the chevron shape. Now the shape and size of the chevron is totally up to you. I wanted mine to look big and bold so I only used two chevron lines across my canvas. Make sure that you press down on the tape and smooth out any air bubbles to avoid and bleed though of paint under the tape.

Once you have finished taping you can go ahead and fill in the inside of tape with the other color of choice (mine was black). Pull off the tape before your canvas is completely dry. If there are any smudges or paint that bleed through just wait for the paint to dry and go over it with a foam brush tip and dipped in paint.

...And there you have it! My bare wall received a face lift and some much needed accessories. Have fun with yours!!!


  1. I love this Em it came out amazing

  2. Welcome to the blog world! I love your first project on here, it turned out really nice!!!

    1. Thanks Adrienne...... I love ur blog too!